Protests against CID’s probe into doctor Shafi in Kurunegala

A protest was held outside the Kurunegala hospital today (Jul 30) claiming that the Criminal Investigations Department inquiry into doctor Mohamed Shafi had been biased.

Dr. Shafi who was released on bail last week was accused of multiple charges including the sterilization of women. During the hearing, the Criminal Investigations Department informed the court that no evidence had been found so far to prove the charges against Dr. Shafi.

Buddhist monks, civil society representatives, politicians, and employees at the Kurunegala hospital took part in the protest which caused traffic congestion in the area, police said.

During the protest, Ven Athuraliye Rathana Thera had alleged that the Criminal Investigations Department which is designated with ensuring the security of the people, has now become a politicized institution.

The protestors also demanded that the pressure which is being exerted on the director of the Kurunegala hospital, and the parties representing the mothers who claim to have been sterilised by the doctor, must immediately be stopped.

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