Investigations into Malik Azeez handed over to CID

The investigations in to the complaint lodged by Venerable Magalkande Sudaththa Thera against State Counsel, Malik Azeez of the Attorney General’s Department has been handed over to the Criminal Investigation Department by the Police Headquarters.

The complaint was filed by the General Secretary of the Sinhala Ravaya organization Ven. Magalkande Sudatta Thera at the Police Headquarters yesterday (29).

The Thero in his complaint accuses the Attorney General’s Department of purposely neglecting their duties with regard to the Easter Sunday attacks and calls for the arrest of the official in question and the former Attorney General.

While giving evidence before the Parliamentary Select Committee probing the Easter Sunday terror attacks, the State Counsel had admitted that he had received a document regarding the mastermind of the attacks, NTJ leader Zahran Hashim, back in June 2017 and that he had not taken further action on that.

Meanwhile the ‘Sinhale National Movement’ had also requested an inquiry from the Attorney General’s Department regarding State Counsel Malik Azeez.

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