Charges served against Ranjan Ramanayake for contempt of court

Charges have been served before the Supreme Court today, against State Minister Ranjan Ramanayake over his 2nd Contempt of Court case.

The case was filed against MP Ranjan Ramanayake over Contempt of Court charges for allegedly making a controversial statement regarding the composition of the Supreme Court judge bench hearing the petitions filed against the President’s dissolution of Parliament last year.

The charges were served before Supreme Court judge bench comprising Chief Justice Jayantha Jayasuriya, Justices L.T.B. Dehideniya and Murdu Fernando.

Defence attorney President’s Counsel Faisz Musthapha told the judge bench that his client is ready to make an apology if the statement in question has inconvenienced the Supreme Court in any way.

The judge bench has then ordered to take up the case again on 2nd December.

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