Joint opposition attempting to spread extremism – Mujibur Rahman

United National Party Parliamentarian Mujibur Rahman says the joint opposition is attempting to use even calamities to regain power.

Speaking at a media briefing held earlier today Parliamentarian said the joint opposition is attempting to spread extremism and create unrest in the country in order to fulfill its political aspirations.

MP Mujibur Rahman said there are a bunch of people who were waiting till these bombs detonated and pointed out how the members of the opposition are celebrating like its New Year, and talking about the subject frequently.

He further accused other politicians of working towards their political motives through the deaths of hundreds of innocent people who were killed.

He adding that some leaders of political factions are so uncivilized that they want to spread hate and make people suspicious, concluding that their only motive is to incite racism.

The Parliamentarian said they want to divide us to a level where we look at each other through fear and suspicion adding that members of the joint opposition have made it their main motive to create a state of suspicion in our minds.

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