Opposition will support government in activities for the betterment of the people : Mahinda

The opposition is willing to support the government in matter’s concerning the betterment of the people, Opposition Leader Mahinda Rajapaksa said yesterday.

He made these remarks while addressing a conference of the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) to ensure Communal and Religious Harmony in Sri Lanka.

“All communities condemn the Easter Sunday attacks. Due to this tragic incident, we as a nation and a community have faced a setback. Incidents of this nature took place since there are extremists all over the world,” the Opposition Leader noted.

Mr. Rajapaksa stressed that the people, while following one’s own cultural identity must respect that of the other communities as well. He pointed out that a a healthy relationship between the people of various communities must be built from a very small age.

“The Muslim community has a huge responsibility to extend their support in order to curb terrorism. The security forces have successfully managed to implement short-term plans to counter terrorism,” he pointed out.

However, the support of the Muslims are required in order to eliminate terrorism in the long run, he said.

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