JVP to hold vote over East Terminal Pier

The JVP says it will hold a referendum within the Colombo Port over an agreement signed by the Ports Authority pertaining to the development of the East Terminal Pier.

Speaking at a media briefing in Colombo JVP Politburo member KD Lal Kantha said a false misconception has arisen that the East Terminal Pier had been sold.

KD Lal Kantha noted the JVP is carrying out an isolated fight within the Colombo Port adding other trade unions have failed to support efforts to prevent the Eastern Terminal Pier from being sold to a third party.

He stressed they decided to seek the opinion of the employees through a referendum. Meanwhile KD Lal Kantha also raised concerns over the stance held by politicians on the agreement signed by the Ports Authority over the Eastern Terminal Pier.

He claimed the President, the Opposition Leader and several other Parliamentarians and Ministers remain silent over the matter adding such individuals should explain their stance on the alleged agreement.

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