Rajapaksa says PSC has no authority to pose questions on dress code circular

Opposition Leader Mahinda Rajapaksa has expressed disapproval regarding the manner in which the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) questioned the Secretary to the Ministry of Public Administration and Home Affairs.

Speaking at a religious function held at Pothupitiya, Kalawana, the opposition leader said it was not correct for the PSC to question Secretary to the Ministry of Public Administration, J.J. Ratnasiri on a circular issued regarding dress codes.

The PSC questioned the Secretary as to who gave him the authority to issue the circular and if he had withdrawn it. The circular states that male officials during their work hours, should be clad in trousers and shirt or the national attire, while female officials are required to be clad in either a saree or a Kandyan saree.

Mr.Ratnasiri said that the circular was issued following the Easter Sunday attacks after discussions held with several officials as well as the Minister in charge.

Opposition Leader Rajapaksa said the PSC was set up to investigate into the security lapses that took place during the Easter Sunday attacks as such that they did not have the authority to question regarding Mr Ratnasiri regarding this circular.

Mr Rajapaksa said that it is unfortunate that there is a fear of terrorism in the country once again not even 10 years after the ending of the civil war.

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