Parliamentary Select Committee: Sensitive info will not be disclosed

The Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) probing the Easter Sunday terror attacks expects live broadcasting of its proceedings to continue while taking all precautions to ensure that no sensitive information is disclosed to the media.

Pro-tem Chairman of the Committee, UNF Parliamentarian Dr. Jayampathy Wickramaratne, told The Sunday Morning that the proceedings of PSC would be open to the media.

“We hope that the live telecast continues. I will make inquiries as to whether the live telecasts were ordered to be stopped.”

However, he said the PSC would ensure no information prejudicial to national security would be revealed to the media.

“At the very beginning, we informed all witnesses that any sensitive information can be divulged off camera. Of course we will record all testimonies but the media will not be privy to any sensitive information. We understand the seriousness of the issue.”

He said that it had been decided at the inception that the proceeding of the PSC would go by the Right to Information Act.

The PSC will meet again on Tuesday.

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