Counter Terrorism laws report before Parliament

The report by the Sectoral Oversight Committee on International Relation on the proposed Counter Terrorism Bill will be handed over to Parliament during its second sitting in June.

Chairman of the Sectoral Oversight Committee on International Relations, UNP MP Mayantha Dissanayake, told The Sunday Morning that he would be circulating the final report and the minutes of the committee when the committee meets tomorrow (3).

“I will circulate the report among the committee members and they will have around a two-week period to make any additional recommendations before I submit the report to Parliament.”

The Committee was tasked with reviewing the draft CTB and to here recommendations and input on the proposed legislation from various quarters including the Opposition and civil society.

MP Dissanayake pointed out that the draft bill that would be submitted to Parliament would not be the same as the one that was initially presented to the Cabinet of Ministers.

“Around eight to 10 major changes have been made to the draft bill. So for those who have been criticising the bill, they must understand that it is very different to the original draft that was presented to the Cabinet of Ministers,” he said, adding that he believed that it was a much better bill.

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